Trash chutes are to solve the disposal problem of waste generated from residential and commercial buildings, sea star engineering llc. Provides chutes to enhance the quality of life. We are specialists in manufacturing, installation, supply, repair and maintenance of garbage chutes. Our chutes are designed as a group of interconnected systems that are easy to use, secure and clean. Components of garbage chute.

  • Trash chute vents and exhaust fans are used to get rid of unwanted and undesired smell. Basically, it is used to control the undesired odour.
Brush Cleaning System
  • It is designed to clean the garbage chute internally. It operates together with the sanitizing unit and the flushing system for proper cleaning of the chutes. It is operated by the control panel. The cleaning system consists of a cylindrical housing, with two bands nylon brushes which are lowered and raised with the help of a geared electric motor, cable, stabilizing weight, flushing head spray and the manufacturers standard control panel. 
Keyed Access/Maintenance Door
  • This key Access Door is situated on the top floor, above the hopper door.
Sprinklers for Fire Security and Flushing System
  • Fire Security:  These are important for the safety of the residents and security of the systems. They are provided at each floor and a fire cut off door at the bottom of the chute for fire security. The chute system can interconnected a the fire alarm. As soon as fire takes place, the system gets locked.
  • B. Flushing System: A solenoid valve along with the Disinfectant & Sanitizing Unit will determine the flow of water through all cleaning sprinklers in order to wash the garbage chute. This is placed on oll the floors.
Chute Support Frames
  • Chute Support Frames are fixed around to chute and bolted to SSL and to wall in order to fix the chute to the wall.
Sanitizing Unit
  • Chute cleaning and sanitizing system with dosage pump and solenoid valve. Sanitizing the Chute system is an important process in order to keep the chute clean and free of any bacteria or germs.
Fire Rated Interlocking Doors
  • Fire Rated Interlocking doors complete body is shaped from Stainless Steel Sheet, including its latch, indicator lamps and handle. We manufacture fire rated interlocking garbage doors according to the industry standards
Clamp Rings
  • These rings are fixed at the exterior of the chute to make chutes smoke proof. These are made of stainless steel.
Chute Duct
  • Chute Duct is a drum like or a cylindrical structure which extends all the way from the garbage collection room to the top floor/highest intake.
Chute Intake
  • These are designed for fixing the hopper doors to maintain the proper disposal of the trash bags.
  • Offset is a 45° angled discharge unit reinforced and separately supported at the area of impact. These are mostly situated at the lower part of the system. The garbage bag from the higher floors comes with a high speed which as a result can cause a lot of noise. This offset reduces the speed and hence reduces its impact.
Fire Shutter Door
  • Fire shutter doors are placed at the end of the chute. Accidently, if fire takes place at the end of the chute system in the garbage trolley, the door detects the heat and closes the door itself so that the fire doesn’t enter the chute system.
  • This door automatically closes when the heat rises above 72° C.
Control Panel
  • The control panel is placed at the garbage collection room that has switches, relays, lights for the operation of the chute.

Chutes convey material from the upper floors in a building to the collection room at the bottom. The different types of chutes are trash, recycle, and linen. All types of chutes are made and work the same way. It is the material they convey which makes them a specific type. Trash chutes convey discarded items and are also called rubbish chutes, garbage chutes, refuse chutes, or waste chutes. Recycle chutes convey recyclable products and are called recycle chutes. Linen chutes convey soiled linen and are also called laundry chutes. Chutes are often misspelled as shoots, shutes, or schutes

Yes! We handle custom fabrication to fit your specific needs, measurements, and out-of-the-ordinary situations.

Building codes require fire-rated chute doors because any vertical shaft in a building has the potential to accelerate the spread of a fire. Fire-rated chute doors are designed to protect the building and tenants in the event of a fire. Properly functioning doors are self-closing and positive latching. If, during a fire, chute doors do not close properly, a wind tunnel effect is created funneling the fire up and down the building.

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