Disposing garbage for people who live in villas, smaller homes etc. is relatively easy. Simply take the trash out by hand and dump it in the common dumpster in the neighbourhood.  But what about people living in high rise buildings? Is it equally simple for them? People in a single high rise building altogether produce tons of waste every day. It must be difficult for them to take such quantity of trash to a designated dumpster or a receptacle. It is necessary for them to have a proper garbage disposal facility in place. Having a centralized Garbage chute system will have a lot of benefits in order to manage trash of such quantity.

A garbage chute is a long vertical dumpster or bin in buildings that passes by each floor and has openings on each or alternate floors. Openings are located in a separate space or a small room inside the buildings and are covered with lids. The garbage dumped in the chute collects at the bottom in a dumpster or a compactor. 


  1.     Improved Sanitation

Sanitation is the most challenging part of garbage disposal. During the time when residents dump the trash and trash recycling company collects it, accumulated trash can attract insects, rodents and other pests which can result in spreading diseases. Hence it is advisable to install garbage chutes in apartment buildings. Benefits of that are:

  1.     Safe distance from trash always.
  2.     Preventing foul odour in the corridors.
  3.     Preventing garbage from attracting insects and pests.
  4.     Garbage is not exposed to open air. Hence it creates cleaner air and surroundings.
  1.     Trash disposal becomes easy.

Taking the garbage all the way from your apartment to designated garbage dumping area of your building is time consuming. Installing a Garbage Chute in a building will ease the garbage dumping for people living in the apartment. Simply carry the trash to the chute on your floor, open the lid, and dump it. Garbage itself will be carried to the dumpster by the chute.

Residents today consider convenient garbage disposal an important criterion for picking an apartment, which is why all contractors and builders are switching to apartment chutes.

  1.     Waste is properly organised.

Collecting and sorting trash in high rise buildings can be an overwhelming task. This will be time consuming, unhygienic, and manpower will be needed to do so which will cause additional cost. And above all that, transporting pounds of trash from the premises to the designated garbage dumping area is another tedious and risky task.

Installing a garbage chute will eliminate these problems since they allow excellent organization of trash without manpower. Many developers consider it critical to sort garbage in a way so as to collect recyclable trash separately, so no time, effort and money is wasted in sorting the trash. It allows moving the trash easily from a chute to a roll-off container then to the site for recycling.

Nowadays, developers and contractors are inclined towards using this sophisticated garbage chute system.

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